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Keynote: Vandana Sikka

Vandana Sikka is a strong advocate of the universal right to education, especially for the disadvantaged. Serving as the chairperson of Infosys Foundation USA, her passion to make computing education more widely and easily accessible is fueled by the principle that education is a great equalizer to help bridge inequality, develop the skill sets needed for the future, and open up new opportunities. With a master’s degree in computer science, Vandana is founder and CEO of a technology company. She also serves on the Board of Directors of Her technology career has spanned product development and management for supply chain and enterprise software companies, including creating one of the first B2B online catalogs.


KEYNOTE: Nate Mullen


Nathaniel Mullen is the director of People in Education, formerly known as Detroit Future Schools. Nate’s work thrives at the intersection of art, education and people. For eight years, Nate has worked in classrooms, leading student media investigations which have included everything from stop motion videos about Newton's Laws to infographics on the complexities of global economics. He has a B.F.A. from the University of Michigan and is a graduate of Detroit Public Schools. Lastly, Nate is a lover of bad jokes, and cheesy graphics.



KEYNOTE: Mitchel Resnick


Mitchel Resnick (@mres), Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab, develops new technologies and activities to engage people (especially children) in creative learning experiences. His Lifelong Kindergarten research group develops the Scratch programming software and online community, the world’s largest coding platform for kids. His group also collaborates with the LEGO Company on the development of new educational ideas and products, including LEGO Mindstorms and LEGO WeDo robotics kits. Resnick co-founded the Computer Clubhouse project, an international network of 100 after-school learning centers, where youth from low-income communities learn to express themselves creatively with new technologies. Resnick earned an undergraduate degree in physics from Princeton, and a Masters and PhD degrees in computer science from MIT. He was awarded the McGraw Prize in Education in 2011 and the AACE EdMedia Pioneer Award in 2013. Click here for more information about his research and publications.